About freight

While our activities are traditionally focused on mineral commodities trades,with ever-expanding internal commodities cargo flows, we understand the need to offer integrated solutions.
Together with selected highly recomended local partners we provide innovative solutions in all aspects of the mineral commodities transport. From  Latin  America to anywhere in the world. This freight platform supports Vargas Partners operations, ensuring safe voyage execution and guaranteeing continuity of supply.

One of the criteria used in the selection of our partners is the level of innovation that reduces risks. In this sense, all our partners, are embraced enhanced satellite tracking analytics technology to better predict fleet and cargo movements – an initiative which has optimized our operations.
As responsible freight operators, they strongly support the new International Maritime Organization’s (IMO’s) environmental protection regulations.

From the mountain ranges in Mexico to the rivers of the Amazon, we combine the multiple skills of our team and trusted partners to bring minerals from these rich areas, as far as they are needed.